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Vaccine Information & Resources

Through vaccination, we’ve eliminated diseases like smallpox and greatly reduced the spread of diseases that once greatly impacted our nation’s health, like polio and measles. There are currently vaccines for 17 dangerous diseases that are recommended at various points across a person’s lifespan.


Vaccines are important for everyone. When one person in a community is vaccinated it not only keeps them healthy but also helps protect their family and their community by lowering the chances of spreading deadly but preventable diseases. In fact, the CDC estimates that vaccination of children born between 1994 and 2018 will: 

Prevent 419 million illnesses and 26.8 million hospitalizations

Avoid 936,000 deaths

Save nearly $1.9 trillion in total societal costs


We know that making the best choices for your child’s health is a parent’s top priority. Vaccines are one of the best ways a parent can protect their child from illness. 

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Vaccines are just as important for adults as they are for children. Vaccines help adults stay healthy, which means fewer doctor’s appointments, fewer medical expenses, less missed time from work, and more time doing the things you love. Getting vaccinated also helps adults protect their loved ones by preventing the spread of a severe illness to a loved one, especially to babies and the elderly.

Pregnant Women

One of the first things an expecting mother can do to protect her baby is get vaccinated herself. Getting the recommended vaccines while a pregnant woman is pregnant is safe and will help keep moms healthy during their pregnancy.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers are at higher risk for exposure to serious infectious diseases. It’s important for healthcare workers to stay up to date on vaccines to protect themselves, their patients, and their families.

Students & Scouts

Vaccines are crucial for students as they prevent the transmission of contagious diseases, safeguarding both individual and public health, while also ensuring uninterrupted access to education by meeting school immunization requirements.

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