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ImmunizeVA offers a variety of resources to support your local immunization efforts. We are constantly adding helpful tools, materials and links, so check back often!


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Shareable graphics are the perfect way to promote COVID-19 vaccination and its benefits. Share updates, alerts, and compelling facts that inspire your patients, clients, and stakeholders to take action.

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Video Stories


COVID-19 Vaccine Champion Stories

Video Stories

Share our stories to build trust, start conversations, and connect with your audiences. These compelling stories capture Virginia’s diversity and the pandemic’s impact in our communities from Arlington to Blacksburg.

A dance instructor reflects on his commitment to health, his physically demanding schedule, and his love for making the dreams of a Quinceanera come true with the perfect group waltz.

Cortlen takes the brave step of enrolling into a clinical trial to share his story of happiness and health with his community.

Richard's Story

Richard proudly served at Andrew’s Airforce Base supporting the transportation of global leaders. He got vaccinated to fulfill his pledge to serve his country. He urges all veterans to protect themselves and loved ones.

Ulysses's Story

A medical student talks about his love for Colombian food, films, and family time as a motivation to get vaccinated.

Olivia's Story

A veteran’s wife and home schooling mom shares her drive to care for her family and promoting COVID-19 vaccines.

Jane’s close friend became ill with COVID-19, which became drove her to get protected. Despite being active and young, Jane did not want to take any risk by staying unvaccinated.

Words of encouragement are shared with citizens of the Chickahominy Tribe to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Jade's Story

As a grandmother, Jade took the COVID-19 vaccine in order to spend more time with her new granddaughter. Family is everything to her.

Teresa's Story

A health clinic worker talks about her ability to support those who are vaccine hesitant to make the right decision.

Dr. Penn Marshall's Story

Dr. Penn Marshall has been recognized for her leadership in reaching out to those most vulnerable in the peninsula area of Virginia. She got vaccinated early because her mom has chronic health conditions.


Shareable Graphics

Whether you can dedicate a few minutes a day or an hour, each one of us can help increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines among our friends, family, and neighbors. Together, we help support the health and wellbeing of our community. As a champion, we ask that you share why you got vaccinated along with our stories (download).

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