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Stay on Track with Tracker

ImmunizeVA mascot dog with name Tracker

Tracker, our trusty canine companion, wants to help keep you healthy and on track with your vaccines.

Everyone loves Tracker, the smartest and friendliest dog from Virginia. Tracker’s powerful nose can sniff out opportunities to promote vaccines that keep everyone safe. Contact us to order stickers or a cut out of Tracker to promote local vaccination events and activities. Use Tracker’s templates and hashtags to support your community events and social media.​


Color Tracker!

ImmunizeVA Tracker Coloring Sheet

Print out the sheet and make Tracker look pretty. Share your coloring on our Facebook page. We will send you a special message from Tracker!

Get on Track

Get on Track with Tracker

ImmunizeVA Tracker Campaign Promo Photo

Vaccines are an important part of your child's health. Are you on track? Call your local health department or doctor today.

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