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Tracker Helps Military Kids Stay on Track

Hey friends! It's me, Tracker! I was at school the other day and my teacher said this past month was Military Child Month. I thought to myself, "WOW! Kids are in the military?" But my friend, Jackie said that it meant that some Mommy's and Daddy's are in the military that have kids, like Jackie! Her Daddy is a Doctor in the Army. A real Doctor! She said being a Military Child can be pretty cool, but they have to move a lot, and that can be hard. It turns out that when you move a lot like Jackie, it can be hard to do certain things like being on a soccer team, getting invited to birthday parties, and even going to your checkups at the doctor's office. Jackie told me that they moved before her 12th birthday last year, so she got behind on her vaccines. It took a while for her mommy to get her another appointment here and so she had to have catch-up vaccines. I didn't know what that meant, but she told me that just meant that she had to get a few shots at once. I thought that sounded pretty scary but she said it was ok because her mommy was there with her and the Doctor that gave her her shots looked just like her Daddy! All the Doctors in the Army wear the same kind of clothes called a uniform, so seeing that made her feel calm inside. I think my friend Jackie is really brave and I am glad that I got to learn about what it's like to be a Military Child.


ImmunizeVA mascot dog with name Tracker
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