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Story Time with Tracker

Hey there, Tracker gang. It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means: story time!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how different life has become since this covid-thing-a-ma-jig came around. I really miss being able to do certain things, like bring cake for my class on my birthday or play in the ball pit at Track R. Cheese. Something that has helped to cheer me up when I’m feeling down has been talking to my grandparents. They said that when they were kids, they had to go through the same thing! They couldn’t go to the pool during the summer, or even leave their apartments. They said it was this thing called pole-ee-oh, but you spell it polio. It made people very sick, even the President of the United States got it! It didn’t last forever though. A bunch of scientists got together and worked to create a solution called a vaccine. It’s a shot that protects you from germs called viruses. My grandma and grandpa both got their polio shot, and they finally got to go back to summer camp where they met each other!

Apparently, I got the same shot they did, except when I got mine I was a little baby. Now I don’t have to worry about getting sick from the polio. It’s kind of the same thing now with covid. It makes me feel better knowing that other kids have gone through this before. I hope we all hurry up and get our shots so I can <insert something funny/germ-ridden that kids do>.


ImmunizeVA mascot dog with name Tracker
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