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Schools Out for Summer - But Vaccines Aren't!

Hey there Tracker gang! Woohoo! School is almost over. Summer vacation here we come.

I know you all just finished or are about to finish this school year, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next fall!

My favorite thing about the fall is getting to play soccer with all my friends. Before I can do that, my mom needs to take me to the doctor to make sure I am healthy and ready to play. This is called a sports physical! She also told me I may need to get some shots, so I can keep my classmates safe while we learn. Last year we had a hard time getting a doctor’s appointment because so many other kids were getting ready for their sports and school. This year my mom and I made my appointment as early as possible, so we wouldn’t get stressed as the date gets closer!

Make sure you visit your doctor as early as possible to be prepared for the fall! You can also go to your Local Health District, found here:


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