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Catch flights, not illness!

Hola Tracker gang!

'Hola' means hello in Spanish, which is a language they speak in the country Grandpa Tracker and I are visiting this summer! I’m so excited to visit somewhere outside of the United States for the first time and get to try all the yummy food!

I made sure to pack all the essentials. Lots of new outfits and my favorite water bowl, so I don’t get thirsty on the plane. Grandpa also told me that it’s important for me to go to the doctor before our trip. I was super confused because I’m feeling great. He explained that vaccines are an important part of staying safe in new countries and that I need a shot before we can start our adventure. I’m so excited to leave for my trip, and I’m glad I’ll be prepared to go with all my vaccines.

Vaccines are often needed for international travel. You can use the CDC’s interactive tool to find which vaccines are needed where you are going this summer.

Bon Voyage! Or as they say in Spanish, ¡buen viaje!


ImmunizeVA mascot dog with name Tracker
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