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Happy Howlidays

Hey there Tracker gang! Do you know what time it is?

That's right- it's the holiday season. Ho ho ho!

I had the best Thanksgiving seeing Grandpa Tracker and the rest of my family. This was the first year we were all able to be together since a long time ago (although my mom says it was only two years). We're able to all eat together because we're all protected- not just from covid, but from the flu too.

Here's a picture of me on Thanksgiving day:

Aren't I cute??

But now after Thanksgiving comes my most favorite season- the Holiday season!

My mom's side of the family celebrates Kwanzaa and my dad's side celebrates Hanukkah. I like being able to celebrate with both families.

Santa might be bringing me a bunch of new chew-toys this year, my mom said! The best present you can give someone though is the gift of good health. That's why my pawrents made sure I got all my shots recommended by doctors.

After Thanksgiving also brings my least favorite season- flu season. This first full week of December is National Influenza Vaccination Week to let everyone know; flu season is coming and you can be prepared.

If you want to find where your family can get the flu, click here:




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