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Tracker Sniffs Out Hep B

Hello everyone, it’s your favorite Spokesdog, Tracker! My job is to help everyone stay “on track” with their recommended vaccines. What does “on track” mean? It means getting the right vaccines at the right time so we can be protected as soon as possible! Today I am going to talk about the very first vaccine a baby gets, Hepatitis B vaccine. The Hepatitis B vaccine was made to protect us against Hepatitis B infections. Here are some of the facts I sniffed out about the Hepatitis B virus: 1. Hepatitis is a word that means swollen liver. Hepatitis B virus infects people’s livers and can make them very sick. 2. Some babies can get it from their mom when they are born and all little kids need early protection. 3. Hepatitis B viruses can stay in your body for a long time. You can get others sick without knowing it. 4. When little kids get sick with hepatitis B, they have a hard time getting better. 5. Hepatitis B can cause liver failure or cancer in the liver in people who don’t get better.

ImmunizeVA and Tracker want to remind you to get “on track” to be protected from Hepatitis B right away! 1. We can prevent Hepatitis B from ever happening with a safe, effective vaccine.

2. Babies who get their first Hepatitis B vaccine right after birth get early protection from Hepatitis B. 2. Staying “on track” and finishing the series at 2, 4, and 9 months can protect a child for the rest of their life.

3. If for some reason you got “off track” it’s never too late to visit a healthcare provider or your local health department and ask how you can get back on track! Thanks for taking the time to read this information today. If you want to have more fun with Tracker, make sure to download our coloring page [available here] and follow us on social media for more #TrackerTuesday


ImmunizeVA mascot dog with name Tracker
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