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Thank You, Mom

With Mother’s Day being this past weekend, your favorite spokesdog has been thinking about mothers. All over the world and even in the animal kingdom mothers want their babies to grow into healthy adults. I know my mom helped me grow up to be a healthy pup, but I wanted to sniff around a little more.

I tracked down some things that human (and doggie) moms are already doing to keep their babies safe from disease–starting even before the baby is even born.

1. Prenatal vaccines. Lots of moms are cautious about what bad things they can pass to their baby and are extra careful, and that’s great. The good news is that there are moms out there getting certain vaccines like flu, TDaP, and COVID-19. Those vaccines are not only safe during pregnancy but healthy for the baby. Do you want to know why? When Mom’s stronger immune system makes antibodies–little germ fighters–after getting the vaccine, her body will send some to her baby to provide an extra boost of protection before Baby’s immune system is strong.

2. Getting Baby to Well Checks. It’s a lot of work to get little babies in to see a medical provider, but so many awesome moms out there are making it happen! At well-child checks, Baby can get weighed, measured, and checked for developmental milestones. Mom also can have a chance to ask questions about keeping her baby healthy. Of course, my nose knows that this is also a chance to keep Baby “on track” with routine vaccines to give that growing immune system a boost!

3. Remembering Those Appointments for Teens and Tweens. When kids get bigger, it can be easy to think that since they are healthy they will keep staying healthy. But the truth is that it takes work to make that happen. One of the hard things I sniffed out is awesome Moms still making time in their busy schedule to get those teens and tweens in for their adolescent vaccines. It is such an awesome thing to make the decisions to get vaccines that will protect your kids well into adulthood. Go moms!

Your spokesdog is super excited to have sniffed out so many great moms doing awesome things to keep their kids (and puppies!) healthy. Happy Mothers Day!


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