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I finally got my Covid Shot!

This summer I had to get 2 shots when I went to the doctor. My mom said it was because my school wants me to be as healthy as possible before we go back in just a few weeks.

I also got a vaccine called the Covid-19 vaccine! It feels like we have talked about Covid my whole life, and I was excited to get a vaccine to protect me from it. The coolest part is that my whole family can get it (even my little cousin)! He was scared at first to get a shot, but I held his paw the whole time, and the nurse gave both of us stickers when it was over.

My mom is so smart she looked at this cool website to help us understand why we will need to go back to get another shot soon. They call it a booster shot because it boosts your body’s defenses and makes you as strong as possible. My little cousin was just born a few months ago, so he actually needs 3 doses of the vaccine. I'm happy about this- more stickers for our collection!

Visit the CDC at this address to learn about Covid-19 vaccine recommendations for children and infants.




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