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Vaccine Information

For Children and Adolescents

For Adults

For Pregnant Women

For Healthcare Professionals

Vaccines are important for everyone. When one person in a community is vaccinated it not only keeps them healthy, but also helps protect their family and their community by lowering the chances of spreading deadly but preventable diseases. In fact, the CDC estimates that vaccination of children born between 1994 and 2018 will: 

  • Prevent 419 million illnesses and 26.8 million hospitalizations

  • Avoid 936,000 deaths

  • Save nearly $1.9 trillion in total societal costs


Through vaccination we’ve eliminated diseases like smallpox and greatly reduced the spread of diseases that once greatly impacted our nation’s health, like polio and measles. There are currently vaccines for 17 dangerous diseases that are recommended at various points across a person’s lifespan.


On this page you will find information about vaccine recommendations for children & adolescents, adults, pregnant women, and healthcare workers. We have also compiled answers to some commonly asked questions about vaccines in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


We also encourage you to look at tools and resources about immunizations we’ve put together for parents, adults, pregnant women, and healthcare providers.

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