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Work Groups


ImmunizeVA consists of four Work Groups, each with a unique purpose: 

Who We Are

Advocacy: “The Advocacy Workgroup aims to increase vaccinations across the lifespan by advocating for equitable policies to increase confidence and ensure all Virginians have access to vaccines.”


Community Outreach & Education: “To improve vaccine uptake in communities across Virginia through innovative educational strategies.”


Professional Education: “To provide evidence-based education for providers and health professionals in a concise and easily accessible platform.”


Quality Management: “To use evidence-based practices to improve vaccine access, public confidence in vaccines and ensure value for patients and providers.”

Our Goals


  • Help others to advocate and support efforts to improve our knowledge and data about vaccines in Virginia

  • Identify gaps and access challenges and advocate for solutions

  • Identify other stakeholders and partners to help in advocacy efforts

  • Identify threats to improving vaccine rates and help others see the value in vaccines

Community Outreach & Education

  • Find sites for turn-key vaccination events that target non-vaccinated individuals along with underserved and disadvantaged communities

  • Develop collaborations/community partnerships with key community stakeholders/vaccine champions

  • Disseminate educational materials and toolkits to community leaders to be implemented under the guidance of ImmunizeVA

  • Create state-wide campaigns with a unified message using different types of media

  • Create repository of evidence-based vaccine resources grounded in facts and truth, non-judgmental, and specific to the targeted community populations

Professional Education

  • Facilitate professional education opportunities that offer CEUs/CMEs, including

    • Lay-person flu training

    • Flu-info training session

    • Vaccine confidence workshop

  •  Explore opportunities to increase vaccine access through professional education

Quality Management

  • Through quarterly meetings, support data gathering and data management activities that address needs across the Commonwealth

  • Develop a curated resource library

  • Develop a Project Proposal process that links actions to the Mission of the Coalition and the Purpose of the Work Group'

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